Rachel’s work as a graphic facilitator at our leadership summit was simply phenomenal. She captured the essence of our two days of presentations and lively discussions in a remarkably insightful and engaging way.
It was fascinating for our participants and speakers to see her at work and it helped them focus on the key points of the sessions and supported active listening. Feedback from the attendees was exceptional, and we are particularly looking forward to sharing her vision boards with the rest of our organisation. Rachel is a great artist and great to work with; we would be delighted
to work with her again at our future events.

Natalie Hayes  |  Strategic Projects Adviser  |

Laureate International Universities

I contracted Rachel to graphically facilitate the Australian Institute of Management Board Strategy Day and...WOW...I’m glad
I did. It made the day. Rachel is simply fantastic! She gets it. She was able to translate the discussions around vision, strategy and action plans into creative, visual and crucially, meaningful output. Instead of ending the day with a stack of boring powerpoint slides or flipchart paper, we ended with visually stunning illustrations of our discussions. This output gave life
and meaning to our discussions, and it
has become the reference material in the development of AIM’s future strategy. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rachel and Swivel Creative. Throw away
the flipchart. Get creative. It works!

David Pich  |  CEO  |  AIM Group  |

Australian Institute of Management

Rachel is one of the best creative directors and hands-on designers I have worked with in my many years as Area Marketing Manager. In my marketing role at British Airways I contracted Rachel to design our online and offline B2C and B2B marketing communications. She delivered on time, on budget and consistently excelled in
her creative delivery. Rachel invariably surprised and delighted us at BA and
we appreciated her expertise and flair greatly. Rachel is great to work with and interprets the brief swiftly and accurately. I highly recommend her work and creative integrity to any organisation.

Greg Tye  |  British Airways  |

Asia-Pacific Area Marketing Manager

Spark Imaginations at Events
with Live Visual Scribing!

Swivel Creative specialises in live visual scribing (or graphic
facilitation and recording) as an exciting and powerful visual
stimulus that engages and inspires audiences, while building
shared meaning for participant sat conferences and events.

As expert visual scribes, graphic facilitators and active listeners
we distil the essence, key ideas and emerging themes at events,
conferences and workshops, and transform these into inspiring,
engaging and meaningful live visual stories, in real-time.

Swivel offers live visual scribing using markers on large-scale
boards, and live digital scribing onto ipads projected to venue
screens or live-streamed into your virtual/hybrid event anywhere!

After the event the final visual storyboards and digital artefacts
become great  tools for communications, referencing and sharing.

Visual Communications
that Connect the Dots.

From concept to delivery, one-off projects to integrated campaigns. Swivel  will collaborate with you to create compelling visual media that comes to life at events and across print, film, digital and socials.

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Enhance Your On-site or Virtual Event with Live Digital Scribing.

Have a graphic facilitator live-stream into your virtual/hybrid event or
meeting, and get the high-res digital scribes and time-lapse files post event!


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