Graphic Facilitation & Recording
that Stimulate Audiences!

Swivel offers graphic facilitation (aka graphic recording, live visual scribing and live illustration) as an exciting and powerful visual tool that stimulates audiences, while building shared meaning for participants at events, meetings and conferences.

We deliver live visual scribing, on-site using markers on
large-scale surfaces (walls, boards and white-boards),
and live digital scribing, projected from venue screens,
or live-streamed into virtual events and meetings.

As expert visual communicators, graphic facilitators and listeners, we distil the key ideas, essence and emerging themes at live events, conferences, meetings or presentations, and transform these into cohesive visual stories, in real-time.

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Immersive Visual Experiences
that Inspire and Enable.

Our graphic facilitation helps build rich, immersive participant experiences by creating captivating, visual feedback-loops at events, workshops and conferences. As each session or event evolves, so do the visual stories.

Among the many benefits of graphic facilitation, this engaging visual process helps to enrich understanding, trigger new ideas and promote active participation.
Live scribing and graphic facilitation can also enable creative problem-solving and spark collective insight.

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Graphic Facilitation
that Connects the Dots.

At Swivel, we take an integrated, whole-picture approach to graphic facilitation and live visual scribing. This means we curate, structure and interplay key ideas, concepts and evolving themes that emerge from a live presentation, session or event, in a meaningful, non-linear way.

We are visual sense-makers who help bring clarity and depth of meaning through our work. We build visual hierarchies and layer themes, weave together story-lines and model content. Applying the principles of visual communication in real-time, our graphic facilitators and recorders create cohesive, compelling visual stories that connect the dots!

Image: City of Parramatta

Amplify Your Event Outcomes
with Visual Takeaways.

When your event is over, Swivel supply high-resolution, enhanced digital images and time-lapse videos of the live-scribed visuals. These are great communications, referencing and development tools, adding value and longevity to your event, workshop or meeting.

Enhance your session further with bespoke visual and graphic resources, event theming and communications material, created before your event and beyond.

At Swivel, we understand no project or event is the same. Our graphic facilitators and designers will help craft your unique event experience to bring your vision to life!

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Graphic Facilitation is Your Ideal Companion for:

•   Conferences & Events
•   Collaborative Workshops
•   Design Forums & Sprints
•   Meetings & Strategy Sessions
•   Training & Industry Seminars

•   Presentations & Panel Discussions

•   Change Management & Rollouts

•   Expos, Summits & Trade Shows



•   Transformation Programs
•   Visioning & Journey Maps
•   Strategic Visualisation
•   Employee & Customer Journeys

•   Live Murals & Idea Walls

•   Think Tanks & Prototyping

•   AGMs & Leadership Offsites

•   World Cafés & Master Classes

Digital & Virtual Scribing On-site or Live-streamed!

Live digital scribing is a great way to engage and inspire attendees at virtual events, workshops and meetings. It is also perfect at large expos, events and conferences, with multiple spaces.

Versatile and effective, digital scribing can be displayed from venue screens, or live-streamed into your virtual event or workshop anywhere!

Let's bring your event, project
or strategy to life, visually!



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Swivel Creative is based in Sydney and works across Australia and globally.

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