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Swivel offers graphic facilitation, or live visual scribing, as an exciting and powerful visual stimulus to bring your presentation and event to life, building meaning and engagement for your participants via live visual feedback.

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Engaging Hearts. Inspiring Minds. Igniting Creativity. Enabling Action.

Graphic facilitation is the art of distilling key ideas, concepts and emerging  themes from a presentation, event, conference or workshop, while synthesising these into
large-scale, integrated visual stories, scribed live before an audience in real-time.

This evolving visual process creates a stimulating feedback-loop for the
participants that helps deepen their understanding, trigger new ideas
and crystallise group thinking. Post event, the visuals become great
artefacts for communications, referencing, planning and development.

Graphic facilitation (or Live Visual Scribing) is perfect for:

•   Conferences & Events

•   Keynote Presentations

•   Strategy Sessions

•   Design Sprints



Graphic facilitation

(or graphic recording)

Rachel Dight | Graphic Facilitation | Events | Conferences | Workshops

•   Collaborative Workshops

•   Training Seminars

•   Expos & Trade Shows

•   Think Tanks & Prototyping