Rachel is a graphic facilitator with X Factor! She captures the very essence of our ATC Conferences and creates beautiful Infographics that our delegates love. The speakers at our conferences also all want copies of her pictures. Rachel makes you look good and adds to your brand. All this and she is also really easy to work with and works hard to get you great results. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

– Trevor Vas | Director | ATC Events

I have worked with a number of graphic facilitators, and Rachel is by far the best
I have seen! She is able to 'hear' the conversation, identify the most salient points and cleverly represent them in a way that builds meaning for those who see her work. She is super easy to work with and is very flexible to accommodate changing needs. I would strongly recommend her for both in-workshop conversations and also helping to present complex concepts in a simple, visual and compelling way.

– Lynette Nixon | Director | Design & Employee Experience | PwC Australia


I highly recommend Rachel's graphic facilitation and design services as part of an organisational communication plan. Rachel is brilliant at capturing the essence
of key strategic messages and translating business messages through animation, visuals and design for business audiences. Rachel has proven to be highly flexible to meet needs for a range of stakeholders and is a true delight to work with. Rachel brings a wonderful element of diversity to meetings and teams.

– Gary Butler | Head of Operating Model Transformation | Westpac Institutional Bank

Rachel's graphic facilitation contributions are not only insightful, they are beautiful.
She is able to capture the essence of keynote presentations and workshops succinctly, and because she makes the visuals available so quickly after the event, delegates find them invaluable when they report back to colleagues. Rachel is friendly, approachable, flexible and accommodating. Nothing seems to phase her. You know you're on a winner when the presenters themselves take selfies in front of Rachel's visuals ;)

– John Clear | ICT Education Consultant | Association of Independent Schools NSW

Rachel has been a creative force in the collaborative event space for many years as a graphic designer, facilitator, artist and teacher. She has consistently delivered high calibre work in her relationship with PwC's The Difference on events for private sector (banks, telco's etc) and Government whether designing and theming long term engagements, output documents, strategic visualisation or live graphic facilitation. She has influenced and supported the development of those who work with her and we are always so excited to have her back on every new job! Rachel is an incredible artist and a lovely human!

– James Harland-Wright | Journey Architect & Solution Designer | The Difference

Rachel’s work as a graphic facilitator at our leadership summit was simply phenomenal. She managed to capture the essence of our two days of presentations and lively discussions in a remarkably insightful and engaging way. It was fascinating for our participants and speakers to see her at work and it helped them focus on the key
points of the sessions and supported active listening. Feedback from the attendees
was exceptional, and we are particularly looking forward to sharing her vision boards
with the rest of our organisation. Rachel is a great artist and great to work with;
we would be delighted to work with her again at our future events.

 – Natalie Hayes | Strategic Projects Adviser | Laureate International Universities

'Thank you so much Rachel for all your work, it has been a delight to work with you!
This is truly an amazing visual piece and we're all very happy with the way it turned
out! You've really managed to encapsulate what Smart City is in Parramatta! I'm very impressed with your work, and rather elated that we have a stunning visual to reflect
the work we do.' We engaged Swivel Creative to create graphic material to help visually communicate the City of Parramatta Council’s Smart City initiatives and the story so far, including key achievements and the outcomes we are working towards. We needed an image that could be used on our website or in presentations with a style and approach to be developed in collaboration, to achieve a compelling and engaging visual journey to tell our “smart city” story. Rachel was able to synthesise the information we provided verbally and in writing and present it back in a coherent and visually engaging manner. Rachel was professional and friendly throughout the process, and was flexible and accommodating in working with us to deliver a stunning visual that met our brief. 
We won't hesitate to get in touch if an opportunity arises to work together in the future :)

 – Eda Acar | Project Officer | Future City Strategy | City of Parramatta

I recently contracted Rachel to graphically facilitate the Australian Institute of Management Board Strategy Day and...WOW...I’m glad I did. It made the day. Rachel is simply fantastic! She gets it. She was able to translate the discussions around vision, strategy and action plans into creative, visual and crucially, meaningful output. Instead of ending the day
with a stack of boring powerpoint slides or flipchart paper that would be consigned to
the bin, we ended with visually stunning illustrations of our discussions. This output gave
life and meaning to our discussions, and it has become the reference material in the development of AIM’s future strategy. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rachel and Swivel Creative. Throw away the flipchart. Get creative. It works!

– David Pich | CEO | Australian Institute of Management Membership | AIM Group

I would highly recommend working with Rachel. It is extremely rare to find someone with what Rachel has: a combination of skills performed at an incredibly high level (graphic facilitation, graphic design, event theming, strategic visualisation), a 'get stuff done' attitude, and business smarts. BUT, the most important reason why I have continued to work with Rachel over a number of years, is the experience of working with her. It's always
a joy. We have worked together on some of the largest transformation programs across Australia - which always demand a deep understanding of the technical (org design, transformation and change, systems thinking, etc.), together with the ability to engage
and enable collaboration to solve complex problems and accelerate outcomes.

– Lucas Smith | Partner | Lightbulb

I was simply astounded at Rachel's ability to visually capture the richness and detail of a deep and fulfilling conversation with 11 strong personalities firing off comments and thoughts over two days. Whilst the value of Rachel's work was evident within
the first few minutes of her capturing a conversation, the real value became evident
when I was able to use the visuals to easily communicate to others the outcomes
of the workshop. Rachel was flexible, able to work quickly and efficiently, and delivered the final visuals the following day. Highly recommended for anyone
looking to capture an entire conversation at a glance.

– Nick Eakin | General Manager Regions  | Jawun

Rachel, a note to say thank you for your brilliant graphic facilitation at the launch of the Action on Obesity Collective. It was hugely impressive! You captured superbly not only the content of the discussion, but also the imaginations of the audience. The launch was seen as a watershed moment by the participants, who spanned all sectors of society, from academics to the private sector. Your work has become an important part of the history of this significant
new movement and now appears on our archive of internal communications. Thank you!

– Prof. Stephen J. Simpson AC FAA FRS | Academic Director | Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney

   Executive Director | Obesity Australia

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rachel, after nearly a decade of experiencing her work and working alongside her on a variety of projects. Rachel is a highly experienced creative professional who backs up a serious skill set with a strong work ethic and a super collaborative and client-focused mindset. In her live-scribing, Rachel is a fantastic listener and
is able to play back what she hears visually in a way that is engaging, insightful and beautiful. In her graphic design she's able to take a complex idea and help communicate it in a way that is simple and clear. There are many great scribes around these days... Rachel is still one of the best!

– Adam Jay | Director & Facilitator | The Impact Assembly

What an amazing experience I recently had working with Rachel across a two-day International conference for the Wharton Global Forum (an elite business University based
in Pennsylvania). Rachel was incredibly helpful from the get-go, taking the time to explain
her services in detail, and coming up with solutions that suited my client’s brief and group. Across the two day event, Rachel exceeded expectations, scribing multiple panel discussions and keynote presentations, resulting in eleven incredible artworks. These creations became a talking and focal point throughout the conference, as we displayed them around the venue for guests to absorb during breaks. I was blown away by Rachel's work, and our  client couldn’t have been happier! The CEO of a major financial institution, who presented at our forum, even requested to have his original scribed board to hang in his office. So, a huge thanks for your amazing work Swivel Creative, we will definitely be using you again!

– Zoe Winner | Senior Event Manager | This Space Events

We recently reached out to Rachel to graphically facilitate our national training conference, comprising a mix of 800 person plenary sessions, 100 person seminars and 20 person workshops across a packed two days. It was a challenging timetable, with an enormous amount of content covering broad subject matter, and Rachel totally crushed it!
Rachel's work was a highlight of our conference and completely brought the stage and content to life. I am scared to think what our conference would have been without her work. Not only did Rachel provide a high-quality creative service, she was brilliant to work with. Rachel needed very little instruction to nail the brief, and she was very considerate and cooperative. What Rachel does is magic, and we can't recommend her highly enough!

– Emma McGarrity | Director of Member Mobilisation | GetUp!

Rachel is one of the best creative directors and hands-on designers I have worked with
in my many years as Area Marketing Manager. In my marketing role at British Airways
I contracted Rachel to design our online and offline B2C and B2B marketing communications. She delivered on time, on budget and consistently excelled in her creative delivery. Rachel invariably surprised and delighted us at BA and we appreciated her expertise and flair greatly. Rachel is great to work with and interprets the brief swiftly and accurately. I highly recommend her work and creative integrity to any organisation.

– Greg Tye | Asia-Pacific Area Marketing Manager | British Airways

Rachel is brilliant at her core skills of graphic design, illustration and graphic facilitation. Over the past 13 years I have been privileged to have worked with Rachel on multiple projects and occasions. We have collaborated together and facilitated many projects, including organisational transformations, IT implementation workshops, future-state visioning and ideation sessions. Working with groups, large and small, complex and simple, public and private. On every engagement Rachel brings a good-humoured, relentless search for quality with an end-to-end view as to how the work we are doing drives towards our clients’ end goal objectives. One of Rachel’s gifts is to listen to a group of people who are talking towards a solution, and turn the complex words and ramblings of smart people
into engaging, meaningful models and visuals in real-time. I have seen people who think they are at odds with one another view Rachel’s live graphic facilitation visuals and exclaim, “Ahhhh, so that’s what you mean!” Rachel is one of the hardest working individuals I know, and I feel privileged every time we get to work together. So, if you're looking for graphic facilitation, design, illustration or workshop facilitation, or to communicate complex
ideas in simple and engaging ways, contact Rachel Dight at Swivel Creative.

– Peter Hodgson | Innovation Specialist | City of Boorondara

Rachel, I want to say a big thank you on behalf of CiEvents and our client. Your work is outstanding! It was a very content heavy conference yet you were always smiling, kept up
with the pace and made it look so easy. Everyone was very impressed with your work, and your visuals have given our event longevity. You are a true professional: reliable, friendly and easy to work with, which makes our lives as producers a lot easier! We like to work with people we can count on and I very much look forward to working with you again. Until next time!

– Christian Marchand | Producer | CiEvents | Global Strategic Event Management




Rachel has provided a wide range of high quality creative services to us over many years. Rachel is highly creative and able to think outside the box. Her trademark is her ability to constantly deliver material that is always unique and always hits the mark. Rachel's creativity is matched by her commercial ability, meaning she is able to translate a brief into something practical and appealing, delivering on time and on budget. I would absolutely have no hesitation recommending Rachel to any organisation, large or small, who requires exceptional visual design work.

– Jonathan Ordman  |  Director  |  Wavelink Communications

Rachel has an amazing knack for synthesising all of the gold in conversations and visually representing it in a beautiful and captivating way. I was blown away at how quickly she captured the core themes emerging and then punctuating these with specific key words to highlight their intent. Her artwork is outstanding. She is a huge talent. Fun to work with. Highly recommend.

– Nicole Lee | Director & Lead Facilitator | Light Tribes Transformational Change

Rachel was a fantastic addition to our Athlete Wellbeing Summit. The graphic facilitation added a creative element to our event, and provided great summaries after each of our sessions. With many of our presenters without PowerPoint presentations, Rachel’s creative skills really drew attention to some of the key take outs. All of our delegates provided very positive feedback of the graphics, and we will certainly look
to use Rachel’s services again in the near future. I highly recommend using her!

– Daniel Josifovski  |  Community Engagement Adviser  |  Australian Institute of Sport

Our organisation worked with Rachel and Swivel Creative to provide graphic facilitation of
our strategic planning day. Her support and advice before, during and after the event was invaluable. Staff were transfixed as she made their thoughts come to life across the day on
the graphic boards. The resulting roadmap is not a mish-mosh of thought bubbles. It very carefully captures and integrates the key points into a cohesive visual roadmap, resulting from an entire day’s discussion across 35 people. The thought and care Rachel put into capturing and synthesising the salient points and themes is a rare skill indeed. The final
5.5m x 1.5m roadmap mural now hangs in our head office and has become an engaging communications, referencing and planning tool. I highly recommend Rachel for similar work.

– Jenny Pickford | Executive Officer | Regional Investment Corporation, Australian Government

Rachel has a fantastic ability to take a concept from inception through execution
and delivery, both as part of a team or when delivering independently. Combine this with her ability to deliver compelling, meaningful graphics in a number of mediums, and the fact that she's just a pleasure to work with, and you can't go wrong!
I would recommend Rachel and Swivel Creative without hesitation.

– Sally Vanos | Venture Manager | Lead Facilitator | The Hub | SingTel Optus

Rachel and her team really enhanced our large event at Town Hall. She captured
the complex ideas of hundreds of people in compelling, beautiful and fun illustrations. She made the process easy and knew exactly how to use illustration and visuals
to add meaning and create an enduring record of the ideas that were generated.

– Kathryn Alexander | Program Manager | NSW Public Service Commission

Rachel thank you for all your efforts at our event. Very impressed by your work.
Your use of colour, maximising the use of space, plus excellent pacing makes
your personal contribution a standout!

– Colette Robinson | Project Support Officer | Leadership & Talent | NSW Public Service Commission

Rachel’s artwork is of great use in the messaging and visual identity of Student Voice Australia. Rachel’s work really contributed to our recent online event, not simply in
terms of a valuable artistic output that captured key messages from presenters and sessions, but also in terms of providing a live exhibition that was enjoyed by our audience. Rachel is professional, efficient and a pleasure to communicate with. Thank you, Rachel!

– Piper Bell | Student Voice Australia Coordinator | The University of Adelaide

Rachel is both easy to work with, and her product is of the highest calibre. Working with Rachel was seamless. From providing a skeleton concept of what we were seeking to achieve via an online workshop, Rachel’s graphic storytelling abilities helped us draw out and identify the key strategic themes from large, facilitated group discussions. Thank you for your amazing work, we look forward to working with you again!

– Michelle Yim | National Events Manager | Planning Institute of Australia

Rachel has created our product branding and developed many superb designs for print and digital products. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to design, branding and marketing. Rachel is easy to work with and provides good direction and advice during the planning and design process which I value. I highly recommend her work.

– June Kitto | Director | Careerfit

We benefited from Rachel’s skills during our recent Grosvenor Place Management Planning Workshop. Her skills at visually recording the outcomes of that workshop also provided a fantastic visual record of the day's discussions. My team has revisited these slides frequently, and they provide a constant and appealing reminder of the day's  proceedings. I can strongly recommend Rachel’s services as a Visual Facilitator.

– John Derrick | Executive Director | Grosvenor Place

I was presenting a session on Deploying Google Apps at an AIS ICT Leadership Conference, and was thrilled when I saw Rachel walk in the room with a whiteboard! Rachel created a fabulous representation of what I was saying, and easy for someone who wasn’t present to gain comprehension of my presentation. I have no idea how Rachel does this. She needs to listen intently to subject matter that is not within the realm of her normal life and come up with creative ways of representing these ideas.
It’s no mean feat! If you’re looking for a great graphic facilitator to attend your conference and create lasting artefacts of a presenter’s words, then take a look at Rachel’s work. I’m sure you will agree that she is one very talented lady.

– Jenny Luca | Head of Digital Learning and Practice | Wesley College


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